Knot Guide: Scout Knots

Knot Guide: Scout Knots

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Are you a Scout or a Scout Leader looking for an essential knot reference? Knot Guide: Scout Knots will show you the ropes!

KNOT GUIDE: SCOUT KNOTS features colorful, clear photographs to step you through tying 10 of the most common scout knots. Each knot includes a succinct description and easy-to-follow visual steps.

Scout Knots included:

Diagonal Lashing
Round Lashing
Shear Lashing
Square Lashing

Bowline Knot

Clove Hitch

Square Knot

Tautline Hitch
Timber Hitch
Two Half Hitches

* Clear, colorful photographs
* Browse or search by knot name
* Swipe the images to navigate through the visual steps
* Knot Lingo screen covers basic terms for knot tying
* Favorites screen allows you to save your favorite knots for easy access

KNOT GUIDE: SCOUT KNOTS is brought to you by the developers of KNOT GUIDE. For a total of 80+ knots (fishing, sailing, decorative, outdoor activities, household chores), please see KNOT GUIDE.

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