Mother Goose

Mother Goose

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Originally published in 1916, "The Real Mother Goose" has been delighting children for nearly a century. The classic, rich language found in the verses will bring back memories from childhood for many adults.

Mother Goose delivers 305 rhymes, exactly as they have been repeated over the years, and 167 colorful illustrations, originally created by Blanche Fisher Wright.

You may view a list of the rhymes just as they appear in the original book or an alphabetical list of first lines. Both lists are searchable.

* SEARCH by rhyme title or first line of the rhyme.
* SWIPE the illustrations to move to the previous or next rhyme.
* While viewing a rhyme, SHAKE your iPhone or iPod Touch to randomly display another rhyme.

* A general Mother Goose illustration is shown for rhymes that do not have an associated illustration in the original work.
* The rich vocabulary contained in this original set of rhymes is old-fashioned in nature and may not be deemed politically correct.

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