Running Log

Running Log

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Track your runs with RUNNING LOG! Now with GRAPHING!

Record your workouts and rest days with RUNNING LOG, and see your history and trends on the visual calendar and summary.

To log a run, touch any calendar day. Then record:
* distance (km/mi)
* duration
* effort level
* type of run (cross country, intervals, race, etc. - choose from 15!)
* route name
* group runs
* rest days
* freeform notes

Associated icons appear on the calendar to give you a clear picture of your workout trends. View weekly or monthly totals below the calendar.

A summary screen provides statistics for the current month and grand total, including distance, duration and pace totals and averages. The summary screen also displays a scrollable list of all notes and data entered to date.

Rotate to landscape orientation to view graphs of your statistics!

Whether you're a pro or a casual runner, RUNNING LOG is an invaluable tool to help you stick to your goals and track your progress.

Some benefits of using Running Log:
* Make yourself accountable for each day
* See changes and improvements over time
* Share your success and strategies with others
* Better understand trends that may lead to injury
* Motivate yourself to improve your fitness

***** REQUIRES OS 3.0 or higher! *****

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