Knot Guide: Climbing

Knot Guide: Climbing

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KNOT GUIDE:CLIMBING features colorful, clear photographs to step you through tying 19 of the most common climbing knots. Each knot includes a succint description and easy-to-follow visual steps.

Climbing Knots included:

Bowline Knot
Double Figure Eight Loop
Figure Eight Follow Through
Yosemite Bowline
Figure Eight Loop
Adjustable Loop
Alpine Butterfly Knot on a Bight

Figure Eight Knot
Double Overhand Stopper Knot
Ashley's/Oysterman's Stopper Knot

Cow/Girth Hitch,Lark's Head
Prusik Hitch
Klemheist Hitch
Bachmann Hitch
Clove Hitch
Rolling Hitch
Blake's Hitch

Double Fisherman's Knot
Rosendahl/Zeppelin Bend
Adjustable Bend

* Clear, colorful photographs
* Browse or search by knot name
* Swipe the images to navigate through the visual steps
* Knot Lingo screen covers basic terms for knot tying
* Favorites screen allows you to save your favorite knots for easy access

KNOT GUIDE:CLIMBING is brought to you by the developers of KNOT GUIDE. For these climbing knots plus 56 additional knots (fishing, sailing, decorative, outdoor activities, household chores), please see KNOT GUIDE, also in the App Store.

What Knot Guide users have to say:

"Best of its kind!"

"Great app. Easily followed, simple illustrations. Super reference."

"This has the smoothest, most intuitive interface I have seen in any app thus far."

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