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As featured live on stage during the Steve Jobs Keynote Speech at the Apple WWDC 2008, and listed in the iTunes 'Top 10 Music Applications' for 2008.

Band is a collection of virtual instruments that lets you play and record your own tunes from a simple interface.

As well as a piano, bass guitar, and drums, Band also features the innovative "Twelve Bar Blues" instrument, that enables anyone to play blues backing and guitar solos.

This app was released in 2008 as one of the very first musical instruments, and indeed one of the very first apps, for the iPhone.

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  • GOOD!!
  • Usually?


  • 5.0
  • MemaxNotYoumax 2015/06/18

Personally this is extremely easy to use, except for piano because the keys are too small but other than that great. It puts all instruments in a relatively easy to learn matter, that is still fun. So far I'm loving the appstore except for the occasional application which is expencive. My friend got his iPod hacked but he upgraded yesterday and reported "The appstore is better than the installer ever was!"

An impressive first release

An impressive first release

  • 4.0
  • Sternhammer 2015/06/18

This app really shows off the abilities of the iPhone/iPod Touch platform. The interface is seductive and the music samples are quite stunning. In its first release it's still quite limited in terms of music genre and number of instruments. Hopefully this will improve with later versions and some more hand-holding for the musically challenged would be a good idea: currently you shouldn't expect to produce anything worth listening to if you don't have some music experience.