Past Life Journey by Barbara Ford-Hammond

Past Life Journey by Barbara Ford-Hammond

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Past Life Journey – Hypnotic Meditation
Be guided through time with this unique experience …

Do you sometimes wonder you have been here before? Would you like to remember memories of your own past lives? Are you just curious?

Whatever your reasons for seeking a regression recalling past life memories is endlessly positive: healing, change, release from phobias, unresolved pain or an underlining issue you didn’t know existed.

Beliefs vary as to the origin of “past life” memories, ranging from cell to soul memory, imagination to metaphor. Regardless of the causes your subconscious is a storehouse of knowledge that catalogues every single thing you experience and files them all away in your mind.

Your journey will enable you to recall information that might be useful in this life. Perhaps you will discover you have a talent or innate ability. The gentle methods used in the app will take you safely to your past.

Barbara Ford-Hammond, author of Past Life Tourism, has developed this meditation and guide to enable you to experience the process of regression.

All your memories belong to you: they have made you who you are – who better than you then to recall them?

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