Rogers Mushrooms: Fungi of Europe and North America (Lite)

Rogers Mushrooms: Fungi of Europe and North America (Lite)

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Note: This is the 'lite' version of Rogers Mushrooms. It offers the same functionality as the Pro version of the same app, and therefore allows you to test the app before buying the Pro version.
The Lite version of the app stores a much smaller selection of mushrooms within its database than the Pro version described below.

***The most comprehensive identification tool for fungi, toadstools, field mushrooms, truffles, puffballs and brackets***

***Catalogues more than 1500 species of mushroom, with over 2,500 photographs***

**Suitable for occasional collectors and expert mycologists**

This app offers the most complete catalogue of wild mushrooms and fungi across Europe and North America. Featuring over 2,500 photographs of 1,560 fungi species, including edible, hallucinogenic, poisonous mushrooms, truffles, puffballs and brackets, it is the perfect guide for identifying mushrooms. The species have been collected in the wild by Roger Phillips and other senior mycologists from both America and Europe. The images show each mushroom from many different angles, and often in their different stages of maturity to aid identification. Also included are descriptive keys, details of size, shape, colour, habitat, and symbols to indicate edibility.

About Roger Phillips

Roger Phillips is one of the world’s leading mushroom specialists, with over 40 years’ of expertise of studying fungi in the wild. Roger is considered a pioneer in the use of photography to help identify mushrooms and his books on the subject are considered the essential mycological encyclopedia for mushroom enthusiasts.

Praise for Roger’s books.
'To call it the mushroomers' bible is to understate the reverence
enthusiasts have for it...' -- The London Review of Books

'A masterpiece of identification.' David Bellamy

'Roger Phillips has written the best mushroom book I know: the sublime taxonomic accuracy of his descriptions and photographs, combined with an evangelical and infectious passion for the subject, will make an instant mycophile of anyone who picks it up.' Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall


* No internet connection needed

* Detailed descriptions for over 1,500 mushrooms

* Over 2,600 photographs, all zoomable using both tap-to-zoom or standard pinch-zooming

* Comprehensive database with search by key terms (e.g. common names)

* Search by: Visual Appearance, Edibility (choice , edible, inedible, hallucinogenic, poisonous, and deadly), Fungus Colour, Normal Size, Cap Type, Stem Type, Flesh, and Habitat

* Search by over 50 individual mushroom attributes using the quick and intuitive “Easy Key” function

* Symbols for at-a-glance check of edibility

* User notes feature that allows you to add your own personal information to any mushroom. A search can be made that returns only those mushrooms with a user note attached.

* Naming: The guide gives species’ common names (including local variants), their French and German equivalents, and their Latin names.

* Descriptions include microscopic spore print analysis for more accurate identification

*Languages: Available in English, French and German

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