I Am Rich LE

I Am Rich LE

[iPhone God App] It was found using the I Am Rich LE actually

Art & Lifestyle

Since so many people asked for it.

Be part of the fun !

The LE version has all the features of the famous full version and in addition all this:

-An inbuilt calculator for basic and financial calculations
-The famous mantra without spelling mistakes
-An inbuilt help system
-1/100 of the original price

This artwork lets you think about:
money, luxury, modern media, the press, value, time, tolerance, joy, jokes, life, art and whatever you like ;-)

Future updates will include even more !
All updates will be free.

Latest Update:
We regret that rapidly rising costs for raw materials necessitate our raising the price of 'I Am Rich LE' - the inbuilt calculator uses now only lead free material.

Increased price for more fun!

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