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[iPhone God App] It was found using the Squiggles actually

Squiggles is a paint and image app for the iPhone.
***** Temp price reduction. More info below. Can run on IOS 5****
Currently running on iPhone 4s and iPad 2 with OS 5 despite some incorrect user reviews. If you do have a problem please report it using support button in app.
Take a photo or select an image with your iPhone and doodle on it. Or decorate with the many overlay images and special stamp brushes. Or start with a plain background and create art.

Update in progress. Current version supports original iPhone resolution (480 x 320). Works on all iPhones and iPads but doesn't use high resolution. Works on OS's include OS 5.

Squiggles received a Grade A recommendation from Best Kids Apps and "Best" award by iPhoneAppsPlus.com


Actual reviews from real users:

This is a fantastic art package that enables you to create some sophisticated looking artwork with ease. The tools are useful and well thought out. I love doodling and with this package I can produce doodles that look like they should be hung in art galleries. Amazing.

I like this app, useful for quickly drawing a Kanji for my host mother, as well as editing screenshots... Very nice. Good job Superb tool for the iphone. Hey this thing is so cool that I get on it or try to get on it every day. :)

Fantastic App! You can do so much with this, a lot of thought has gone into making Squiggles. The clone feature works great, smoothing feature is a God send, set finger offset is also a God send. The list goes on and on! If I could give this app more than 5 stars I would, peeps you really need this app in your lives! Awesome!!!

This is reallllyyy fun! You can make pictures and email them to friends! It's great! It's worth more than it costs!
Please send any bug reports to squigglessupport@gmail.com so we can make sure to address your problems.

Squiggles is a paint and image program specifically designed for the iPhone. Whether you need to make a sketch to get your ideas down, have fun with your photos, flex your artistic side or just plain doodle while waiting in line, Squiggles is ready. Paint on provided backgrounds, any photos on your iPhone or take photos in Squiggles and add notations or enhancements.

Check the demo video on the website.
Squiggles comes with hard, soft and specialty brushes.
Undo. Erase on Shake.
Adjust opacity for painting tints. 6 painting modes.
-Full spectrum of colors to chose from. 12 user defined quick colors.
-Cursor combined with finger offset allows precise painting.
-Paint smoothing – Smooths your paint strokes automatically
Also includes Smart Tools to make your hand drawn lines straight and your circles smooth.
-Erase tool restores to original background.
-Clone tool for copying one area of the image to another.
-Stamps – Selection of provided color brush images that can be used for painting enhancements. (Pixie dust, butterflies, etc)
-Overlays – Selection of provided images that can be layered on top of your photos and paint. These can be moved, resized and rotated. (Hats, glasses, shapes, beards, etc)
-Text – Short phrases that can be typed in with different fonts. These can be moved, scaled and rotated interactively.
-Filters: Interactively adjust brightness and contrast.
Includes most of the PhotoBooth style of distortion, including interactive twirl.

A couple of people had trouble installing or updating Squiggles. Just delete Squiggles and re-download (if necessary, it's free) and re-install.

If you have any issues check the trouble shooting page on the website.

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very great app

very great app

  • 4.0
  • gerto67 2015/06/18

i love this app so much. it needs more features though



  • 4.0
  • imac22 2015/06/18

Brilliant app, possibly best of the bunch. The Good- Finger offset tool,never hide your work under your finger anymore and the main reason for buying this app Cusor tool - great for accurate work Smoothing tool - changes work from being child-like into professional standard The Bad- No fill in application and no zoom in application- If these two applications come in an update then this would be the best drawing/painting tool bar none. Conclusion- So very close to being the best- add the fill in and zoom in tools and this would take a place in App history as one of the greats.

Good app

Good app

  • 4.0
  • V,G 2015/06/18

I like this app, useful for quickly drawing a Kanji for my host mother, as well as editing screenshots... Very nice. Good job