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Download some holiday fun! Turn your phone into a classic toy with snowflakes that swirl around, falling whichever way you tilt the phone.

Touch and move your finger to add more flakes to the globe, and shake the phone to really get things flying! But don't shake too much, or you may get a surprise :)

Choose from wonderful built-in scenes, including a Christmas tree with flickering lights, a snowman, baby polar bear, dancing penguin, and a bunny giving out carrots as holiday presents. Or take a picture with your iPhone camera or choose one from your photo library to show inside the snow globe.

Fully customizable with adjustable snowflake size and speed, optional sleigh bell sound effects when you shake the phone, and the ability to make your own scenes. Or if you aren't feeling wintry, turn the snowflakes into rainbow colored confetti.

- Now with the ability to show live video inside the snowglobe!

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