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[iPhone God App] It was found using the Touch Scan Ultimate actually

TouchScan is an easy to use scanning-simulation with focus on versatility. TouchScan can be almost anything you can imagine. Just press your thumb and that of someone else on the screen of your iPhone/iPod and TouchScan will tell you how good you two fit together (or not :) ).

Depending of how you setup your scanresults and what story you tell prior to scanning someone, Touch Scan can be:

- icebreaker at the bar
- a lie detector
- a finger scanner
- a fart detector
- IQ-Scanner
- Alien, Terminator or Cylon Detector of Battlestar Galactica
- a Love-Meter
- scan for criminal records (i.e. like C.S.I. or FBI use)
- a Talent-Scanner: Could you be the next American Idol or Top Model?
- Van Helsing's Vampire scanner
- Thong/Piercing/Tatoo/Bra-Detector

...and many many more. Just enter custom texts for the results and start having fun. Find examples for scan results on our homepage.

No matter where you are - at the Disco, Gym, School, during workout or in Yoga-class, at the beach or swimming has never been easier to start social networking! TouchScan is your digital wingman!

Of course, TouchScan can't really scan fingerprints, someones brain, IQ or anything else. It's all a trick and for entertainment purposes only. You enter up 2 results prior to using the programm in the settings (within the settings application of your iPhone/iPod!). You can choose between these results by the position of your thumb in the upper area of the screen.

*** TouchScan was awarded as one of the "Best Apps 2008" ***

What TouchScan is NOT:
TouchScan is not a real scanning software. This software is a fun-application and just simulates the scanning of someones brain! It can not replace the "swipe to unlock"-Screen. It cannot be used as a security scanner. It can't cook coffee or post to twitter, facebook are anything like that!

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