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"Tarot is the best of the tarot apps. There are lots of different readings styles, as well as a "spin" cycle which moves the cards really fast then tap to stop it. The cards are then shown and a meaning, if necessary, is given. While no iPhone app will replace an actual deck, this app can please both the curious and seasoned Tarot readers." - APPREVIEW.COM Tarot also received their "best" rating.

Tarot is the lite version of Tarot Pro: http://budurl.com/tarotpro

★ Simple interface for both experts and beginners
★ A deck browser with a unique "spin" feature for drawing cards (e.g. "close your eyes, pick a card")
★ 78 full-sized Retina card images from the classic Rider-Waite-Smith deck
★ 78 card meanings
★ More Spread Choices: Basic 3-Card; Basic 5-Card; Between Extremes; Celtic Cross; Creative Process; One-Card; One Major Arcana; Psychological; Relationship; Shadow Truth

Tarot is for entertainment only.

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